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Vintage Retro Striped Coach Purse


Vintage Retro Striped Quarter Zip Knit (S)


Vintage Retro Striped Ribbed Turtleneck (M)


Vintage Retro XOXO Purse


Vintage Ribbed Collared Polo Knit (S)

Vintage Style Turtleneck Vintage Ribbed Turtleneck

Vintage Ribbed Striped Turtleneck (M)


Vintage Rose Swirl Midi Skirt (M)


Vintage Ruffled Lime Cropped Knit (M-L)


Vintage Sailor Collar Knit Top (M)


Vintage Seashell Choker


Vintage Shaggy Mesh Chocolate Knit (M)


Vintage Sheer Cobalt Glasses (5)


Vintage Sheer Paisley Knit Top (S)


Vintage Sheer Taupe Knit (S)


Vintage Square Neck Textured Knit (L)


Vintage Striped Knit Shoulder Purse


Vintage Striped Ruffled Halter (M-L)


Vintage Striped Ruffled Halter Top (M)

French Style Coin Pendant Choker On Charmeuse Green Cord
French Coin Pendant Choker On Charmeuse Green Cord

Vintage Style Retro French Coin Pendant Choker

Vintage Style Unique Silver Heart Pendant Choker

Vintage Style Silver Heart Pendant Choker


Vintage Suede Puff Sleeve Top (S)

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